Upper Tryweryn, December ’08

Now I understand it’s the club rule that the first swimmer writes up the trip report. There were only four of us and fortunately no-one took a dip. However, as I the first to have to employ an eskimo roll, i guess the task of the trip report falls onto me?

Well anyway, it’s not going to be the most interesting report, but it gives me something to avoid doing my dissertation presentation…!

So four of us, Jonny, Jacko, Chappers and Myself packed up and headed off to Bala to check out the Wnion. We left with high hopes of running a nice grade IV gorge section. However, these hopes all disappeared when we found the water we’d hoped was in the river, was still frozen to the sourounding hills.

So to the tryweryn it was. For the most part, the session was pretty uneventful. We had five runs of the Upper section, with the last few encompassing the NRA wave and Chapel falls. Jonny spent the day with his headcam firmly attached, trying to get some good footage, as well as taking the less conventional routes down the river. Chappers had a fantasic performance of making every eddy on all the runs down the river -many of which I couldn’t even see existing when he was sat in them!

Other than my unique idea of running the NRA drop sideways high bracing (shown in technicolour on the video), it was a pretty easy going trip. We had a race down the upper section, Which Jacko claimed 1st place, and Jonny last (made some excuse aboutdropping back to make sure everyone was ok?!?!)

Here’s the link for the Video Jonny took with his head cam… those of you with facebook will be able to watch, those without simply just need to get it…!


Hope you’ve all had a good festive season, look forward to paddling with you all soon


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