Sea Kayak Melody

Here’s clutch of reports about the successful rescue on 5th May 2012 of a sea-kayaking couple that was significantly aided by a well-prepared group lead by Richard Janes.

It shows the benefit of planning, training with the kit, and most of all communication – both in advance by filing a Passage Plan with the Coastguard, being alerted to a situation by them and assisting the RNLI with both the rescue and the tidy-up operations.

So here’s the links to the Maritime & Coastguard Agency’s press release, which thanks Richard’s group for their help; the BBC report which summarises the advice, although it didn’t credit the RNLI for their video stills; and Richard’s own write-up of the situation.

As well the thanking the SCC paddlers, Mark Craddock, Holyhead Coastguard Watch Manager said:
“From this afternoon’s incident you can see why we recommend that kayakers should carry hand held flares, vhf radio and a charged mobile phone.”

I’m sure you’ll join me in praising Richard’s group for both their timely assistance, and the planning & fore-thought that put them in such a good position to help. Well done to you all.

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