Quarry Pool update – Christmas 2015


Here’s a short … an update on the Quarry Pool campaign & what you can do to help keep it where it is – especially if you like using wire-wool & caustic soda on a Sunday evening!

After the successful demo & march through town, including our very vocal club treasurer, the Quarry Swimming & Fitness Forum  have been busy. In the past two months, we have:

* Helped almost 2,000 people to complete Shropshire Council’s consultation exercise – their biggest ever response – well done!
* Handed in a 30 page formal response to the council’s ~600 page document on 30 Oct – detailing the many places where the ¬£70,000 report was incomplete, inaccurate, & just plain wrong.
* Asked questions at the council’s Scrutiny Committee 30 Nov about how they’ll respond to the consultation – apparently requiring another 6 weeks of work by them to fill in the gaps on transport, participation, & the econominc impact (glad it was nothing too important)
* Asked more questions at the full Cabinet meeting 9 Dec (following council leader Keith Barrow’s resignation) – about whether participation or financial considerations were paramount?
* Prepared more activities & events for Christmas & the New Year (mark Sunday 24 January now)

Which brings us back to Sunday. QSFF are helping the pool staff give the Quarry a winter deep clean. So bring your elbows, gloves, & enthusiam along on Sunday at 6pm & help get the place ready for all those New Year keep-fit resolutions :-)

Remember – Use it or lose it!

And one last thing – if you are interested in supporting the Shropshire Leisure Community Trust, who run our pools, by becoming a trustee then you can help make sure all Shropshire pools & sports facilities are run for the benefit of the people of Shropshire. The trust recently voted to keep the pool in the Quarry, but the deputy council leader, Steve Charmley, recently tried joining the board quite possibly to seek to overturn that vote…by it seems he may have had a conflict of interest, being as he’s also Shropshire Coucnil’s Leisure portfolio holder.


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