Shrewsbury Canoe Club

Introducing our awesome volunteer coaches and leaders...

Our coaches and leaders have either obtained British Canoeing recognised coach or leader awards, or they have been assessed by the club as competent to coach or lead groups to a described remit. They look forward to meeting you soon.

Name: David Coan 

Coach / Leader Qualification: Level 3 Coach for sheltered water canoe, SUP and kayak. Paddlesport touring leader open and white water (G1 and 2)

Club Approved Remit: Sheltered Water and swimming pool. Whitewater G1/2

Your favourite Craft: Love them all but now getting into sup 

What you love about paddle sport: There is something for everyone all ages and abilities plus the quiet of being with nature with one or two friends to the fun of crashing down a bit of white with lots of friends 

Name: David Southern

Coach / Leader Qualification: Sea Kayak Leader and Coach

Club Approved Remit: 4* Sea Conditions, Moderate Inland Water 

Your favourite craft: Sea Kayak

What you love about paddle sport: Escapism and wildlife (both meanings!)

Name:  Duncan Smalley

Coach/leader qualifications:  Old BCU coaching qualifications - Senior Instructor Inland Kayak,  Advanced Inland White Water,    Advanced Canadian, Level 3 Surf Coach                                        

Club Approved Remit:  W/water up to Grade 3       Surf sessions

Favourite Craft: Prijon Sea Yak, North Shore Voyager Expedition,

P & H Surfer Mark 2                   

What you love about paddle sport: it provides 'Challenge by Choice' for all irrespective of ability, keeps me fit, continues to enable me to push my own boundaries and affords superb opportunities to experience total freedom in beautiful settings.

Name: Grant McKelvie

Coach / Leader Qualification: White Water Kayak Leader (G2/3)

Club Approved Remit: Sheltered Water & G2/3 WW

Your favourite craft: Kayak

What you love about paddle sport: The adventure and the complete distraction from everything else. I really enjoy introducing juniors to the sport, and helping them gain confidence on the water.

Name: Karen Darby

Coach / Leader Qualification: BCU Level 2 Coach

British Canoeing Remit: Sheltered Water

Your favourite craft: 'anything that floats' but love sea kayaking and open boating most of all

What you love about paddle sport: I just LOVE my sport and always have done! I love the journeying, multi -day expeditioning aspect most of all - the quiet places that it takes you to, stunning scenery, amazing wildlife encounters. I also love the 'movement of paddlesport', the cadence on a day when its all going well, smooth, effortless, easy.....

Name: Matthew Dunn

Coach / Leader Qualification: Level 1 Coach/White Water Leader

Club Approved Remit: White Water up to Grade 3

Your favourite craft: 40 year old Pyranha Mountain Bat

What you love about paddle sport: Paddle sport, its all about the; Thrill, Contentment, Escapism, Expressive, Adventure, Nature-spotting, Fresh air, Watching people succeed, Making friends. In a nutshell paddling has shaped my life and I love it.

Name: Nick Morrall

Coach / Leader Qualification: Level 3 canoe coach, Level 2 kayak coach with 4* 

Club Approved Remit: Waters up to Grade 3 

Your favourite craft: Depends on the river. Canoe or Kayak

What you love about paddle sportThe freedom to explore places and spots you don’t often get to see. Also just having a great time with great friends. 

Name: Steve Saunders

Coach / Leader Qualification: Old style L2 Coach, 4* WW Leader

Club Approved Remit: 

Favourite Craft: For WW its a Mamba 8.1, for Sea its the Scorpio

What you love about paddle sport: For me its the love being on the water taking in all the beautiful scenery & wildlife that’s around. Love the challenges of new rivers and learning how to efficiently read & then run them with a group of paddlers. Helping others to enjoy the same

Name:  Sue Couling

Coach / Leader Qualification: Advanced Water Sea Kayak Performance Coach, White Water BCU Level 3

Club Approved Remit: Anything going!

Your favourite craft: Anything that floats

What you love about paddle sport: Adventure in beautiful places with like-minded people

Name:  Toby Roberts

Coach / Leader Qualification: White Water Leader, Level 1 Coach 

Club Approved Remit: Leading WW G3, Flat water coaching

Your favourite craft: Ripper Kayak

What you love about paddle sport: Immersive nature of the sport; it can be what you want it to be. The social aspects, paddling in groups or pairs. Paddling is what you want to make of it!

Name:  Dylan Tomlinson

Coach / Leader Qualification: Polo Coach


Name:  Stephen Thomas

Coach / Leader Qualification: White Water Leader

Club Approved Remit: Grade 3 White Water

Your favourite craft: Kayak

What you love about paddle sport: Fitness, friendship and the ability to scare yourself *just* enough


Name:  Claire Quigley

Coach / Leader Qualification: Level 2 Kayak coach, WW Kayak leader and Sea Kayak Leader, Swift Water Rescue Technician (SRT)

Club Approved Remit: WW up to G3, 4* Sea Conditions, Moderate Inland Water

Your favourite craft: Your favourite Craft: My 20+yo Pyranha Sub7 and My Nigel Dennis Romany

What you love about paddle sport: Wildlife, freedom, that moment where everything comes together without having to think about it, big waves, little waves, friendly stoppers, friends, team work, seeing my buddies improve, journeys, holidays.... where do I stop? what's the word count allowed? Why use 2 words when I can use 500?

Name: Joe Blackshaw-Crosby

Coach / Leader Qualification: Sea Leader

Club Approved Remit: Moderate Sea Conditions

Your favourite craft:  Valley Avocet Sea Kayak

What you love about paddle sport: You get to sit down all day and call it sport

Name: Elsie Blackshaw-Crosby 

Coach / Leader Qualification: Sea Leader

Club Approved Remit: Moderate sea conditions

Your favourite craft:  My Romany Classic sea kayak

What you love about paddle sport: The wildness of all the sea has to offer and journeys under my own steam

Name: Peter Slack

Coach / Leader Qualification: Sea Kayak Leader/SUP Instructor

Club Approved Remit: 4* Sea Conditions/SUP sheltered water

Your favourite craft:  Tiderace Sea Kayaks

What you love about paddle sport: How it encourages a healthy mind, body and soul. The freedom to step back from every day life and take on new challenges and adventures. Hot climates, camping and living out of my boat as well as practicing Yoga and having fun on my SUP.

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